1) How did your appearance on Shark Tank come about?As you may know Shark Tank is 7 seasons in and strong as ever! We were always HUGE fans of the show, even before our Beard Bib invention. As soon as we solidified our product we knew we wanted to be in the Tank. After doing some research, there just so happened to be an open call in 2 weeks in our hometown of Miami.

2) How was the auditioning experience?

January 15th, 2015, 5:00am: we arrived and waited, outside the Miami Beach Convention for the doors to open. Seeing thousands of entrepreneurs that drove from all around the East coast, it was such an exciting and incredible feeling. I made sure to stand out from the crowd by wearing a branded BEARD KING Cape and giant beard!

After waiting 7 hours in the lines we finally made it to the pitching booths. I noticed one of the producers had a beard, and I strategically asked to pitch to him. After pitching, he said we will call you if you make it to the next round. Waiting a few weeks to hear back, we finally got the call. We were selected to continue on a vigorous process to come, with hopes of getting the chance to film. During the process you were never guaranteed anything which was the most nerve wracking part. We were a constant nervous wreck, waiting to hear if you made it to the next round.

3) How was the filming experience?
Well you in there between 45min to an hour and the cut down to around 8 minutes. The most awkward part is the “Stare down”. It’s a surreal moment when your standing in front of 5 complete strangers in silences that you know from TV but never met.
I would say leading up to the actual filming and just waiting to step into the tank was the most nerve wracking part. Once you’re in the room and pitching to the Sharks the nerves turn into an adrenaline as you settle in your focused zone.

4) What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Be willing to learn something new everyday. As a startup business you are going to hear a lot of “No’s” and even have self doubt at times, but keep in mind success doesn’t happen overnight.
Be prepared to work 24/7. I would tell any new online entrepreneurs to keep pushing forward giving yourself the chance to accomplish short and long term goals. However know when to cut your losses short and move on to another idea if you don’t see any traction after an allotted amount of time. A lot of people have “good ideas” but what they don’t realize it’s all about execution. An idea is just a thought in your mind, but seeing it come to fruition is about how well you plan and execute.

The pair got an investment from Shark Tank investor Lori Greiner
The pair got an investment from Shark Tank investor Lori Greiner

We would like to thank Nicholas and Alessia for speaking with us.