Interview with The Natural Grip CEO Ashley Drake 

Justin (left) and Ashley (right) the founders of The Natural Grip
Justin (left) and Ashley (right) the founders of The Natural Grip

The Natural Grip was founded in June of 2013 by a husband and wife team in Louisville, KY. The socially driven grassroots movement of protecting hands from ripping and tearing was started at a kitchen table and has grown to be a globally recognized brand that is sold online, in CrossFit facilities, and fitness stores worldwide. The Natural Grip was selected from 145,000 companies to be featured on the ABC hit show Shark Tank in 2014, securing a deal with shark Robert Herjavec. Ashley serves as the company’s CEO while also serving as a Major in the U.S Army. Justin is the Chief of Operations and manages the production facility for the company.

1) What is the Natural Grip?

“The Natural Grip” is an innovative hand protection device that prevents your hands from ripping and tearing while working out. The Natural Grip is the only hand protection available that is made to fit based off of your ring finger size and it has revolutionized the hand protection market across the fitness industry.

2) How did you come up with the idea for the Natural Grip?

The Natural Grip was originally created to prevent my own hands from ripping and tearing while working out.

3) What makes your product different from regular gloves?

The Natural Grip is the only hand protection that is custom made to fit based off of your ring finger size. It is a minimalistic hand protection that allows your hands to be protected without hindering your grip on the barbell, kettlebell, rings or any other piece of fitness equipment.

4) How did being on Shark Tank help your business?

Being on Shark Tank has been the best thing that has happened to The Natural Grip. We are very thankful for the opportunity to be involved with the show and with our shark Robert Herjavec. We have grown over 500% since our first airing in 2014 and we would not be the multi-million dollar company that we are today without Shark Tank.

5) What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Being an entrepreneur is a hard road to travel. Being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone and that is ok. I would tell anyone who wants to experience the journey to be prepared to work harder every day and for more days than they ever through was humanely possible. It is an exciting process to build and grow a passion into an idea, then into a product with it ultimately becoming a successful business, but it takes the right kind of person to see it through and keep it alive along the way.

We would like to thank Ashley for speaking with us.

One comment

  1. I witnessed Ashley & Justin build this company from the beginning. They were regular customers at the local post office in their neighborhood where I worked.They’d come in 2-3 times a week if not more shipping their product all over the nation & to foreign countries. When they told me they were to appear on “Shark Tank” I knew when they got an offer with a shark, their business would begin to skyrocket. I looked forward to seeing them and their beautiful little daughter and get the latest update on their new found success. Justin & Ashley, if you remember me. I’m very happy to see how you are living your dream. God bless you as you continue to provide quality protection for the hands and for every other endeavor you embark upon.


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